LWTools Old Repo


age author description
2010-11-05 lost Fixed bug with complex external references generating invalid relocations in the object file3.0 tip
2010-11-04 lost Fixed segfault with output outside of a section3.0
2010-11-04 lost Adjusted listings to convert tabs to spaces; assume 8 space tabs3.0
2010-10-30 lost Added tag 3.0.1 for changeset a8934dfba4003.0
2010-10-30 lost Added tag 3.0.1 for changeset 8f9d72cfb897default
2010-10-30 lost Fixed operator precedence for *3.0 3.0.1
2010-10-30 lost Added pragma pcaspcr to treat PC as PCR; additional fixes for PCR addressing modes3.0
2010-10-30 lost Fixed error with forced size pcr operands3.0
2010-10-30 lost Fixed type in fix3.0
2010-10-30 lost Fixed errors related to lw_expr_t; fixed saving expression in insn_parse_logicmem()3.0
2010-10-30 lost Fixed memory leaks related to expressions; bumped version to
2010-10-29 lost Added tag 3.0 for changeset 4c272633fce23.0
2010-10-29 lost Added missing files3.0 3.0
2010-10-29 lost Added missing file3.0
2010-10-29 lost Added various generated files for release3.0
2010-10-29 lost Updated version to 3.03.0
2010-10-29 lost Branched for release 3.03.0
2010-10-24 lost Eliminated infinite loop on recursive symbol resolution with a Q&D hack: limit the depth that lw_expr_simplify can be called to globally. Not thread friendly.
2010-10-24 lost Adjusted output in list so that 8 space tabs line up right in output
2010-09-19 lost Fixed unitialized memory in lw_stringlist_create()
2010-09-19 lost Added note to manual explaining that operands cannot contain spaces
2010-09-19 lost Bumped beta number
2010-09-19 lost Fixed lw_expr_destroy() to not crash on NULL
2010-09-19 lost Prevent NULL deref in lw_expr_destroy3.0-beta2
2010-09-19 lost Added tag 3.0-beta2 for changeset 079d43b6967b3.0-beta2
2010-09-19 lost Added missing file3.0-beta2 3.0-beta2
2010-09-19 lost Updated configure script with new version name3.0-beta2
2010-09-19 lost Added generated files for release3.0-beta2
2010-09-19 lost Branched for 3.0-beta2 release3.0-beta2
2010-08-13 lost Fixed typo in eorb opcodes
2010-08-10 lost Implemented "branch points"
2010-08-10 lost Fixed minor layout glitch in listing code
2010-08-10 lost Fixed offset problem with emission of incomplete references at start of insn
2010-08-10 lost Fixed error with indexed posbytes
2010-08-10 lost Fixed off by one bug in code generation for fcn
2010-08-09 lost Fixed endc to actually match properly
2010-08-09 lost Added dummy .bank pseudo and fixed segfault in output for object target (on imported symbol)
2010-08-09 lost Allow symbols to start with digits if they contain $, ?, or @; numbered locals
2010-08-08 lost Fixed "=" pseudo op to work correctly
2010-08-02 lost Checkpoint disassembler
2010-08-02 lost Started creation of lwdisasm
2010-07-23 lost Changed ENDS to be ENDSTRUCT instead of ENDSECTION since ENDSTRUCT is required but ENDSECTION is not; updated docs to reflect change
2010-07-23 lost Symbol table is now sorted in lwasm
2010-07-23 lost Fixed up symbol table list to be more clear
2010-07-23 lost Added documentation for the --symbol option for lwasm
2010-07-23 lost Added rmw pseudo op as alias for rmd
2010-07-23 lost Fixed autoconf stuff related to the manual
2010-07-23 lost Added tag 3.0-beta1 for changeset 573ed49406253.0-beta1
2010-07-23 lost Fixed inclusion of documentation in make dist3.0-beta1 3.0-beta1
2010-07-23 lost Fixed inclusion of documentation in make dist3.0-beta1
2010-07-23 lost Added generated files for release3.0-beta1
2010-07-23 lost Branched for 3.0-beta1 release3.0-beta1
2010-07-23 lost Cosmetic updates to documentation; added warning pseudo op
2010-07-23 lost Q&D sanitization of symbols in map files and error messages in lwlink
2010-07-23 lost Actually show name of file and line number where error occurred
2010-07-22 lost Actually include local symbols in object files
2010-07-21 lost Fixed problem with include path handling
2010-07-21 lost Fixed problem with structure member registration and fixed detection of operator{} type symbols in expression evaluation
2010-07-14 lost Basic symbol table output; needs work for non-constant symbols
2010-07-14 lost Added in structure support and fixed up some warts in the listing code (by adding more warts)